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HESCO complaint cell or HESCO contact number is 022-9260161.  The HESCO helpline number is an easy way for HESCO electricity users online to register online HESCO complaints regarding their electricity service issues and check their status regarding the issues if the work has been started or not. You can also register your electricity-related complaints about the phone with the same number.

You can file a complaint with HESCO by following these steps: Open your internet browser (e.g., Google). Type “HESCO complaint form” in the search bar and click on the option that appears (“Complain about telecommunication services”). There is an online form you fill in with your 14-digit reference number received when you registered Alternatively, you can use the complaint form available on the HESCO website or send an email to them to notify them about your electricity-related issue. and check the status of the complaint registered.

HESCO Complain Number # 022-9260161

HESCO Complaint Number

HESCO SMS Registration

Hyderabad Electric Supply Corporation’s bill SMS service is free and provides its consumers with lots of benefits such as enabling its members to track their previous bills, explore various options for their personal savings goals, and more. This facility can be accessed by any customer online, via phone calls, or even via text messages. HESCO is happy to offer this easy way for you to search the previous bills available. Just visit the HESCO website and enter your details there.

You will then receive an email with your bills summary. HESCO bill SMS provides consumers with an easy way to check their electricity bills. You can register for your HESCO by sending an SMS to the appropriate number. Enter your reference number and mobile number in format 92XXXXXXXXX and a simple window will appear showing you the bill and HESCO bill status. In the future, you will get your HESCO SMS alert on your mobile phone.

Approval Of Applicant’s Installation

Before any electrical wiring or energy-consuming meter is connected to HESCO’s distribution system, the same will have to be subjected to inspection and testing by HESCO. No HESCO new connection shall be made to the system without prior inspection. Afterward, HESCO’s new connection tracking can be done to get updates about the new connection being established.


How to Pay the HESCO Bill Online?

It is easy to use HESCO online payment system through different methods such as: Pay your bill by filling up the online form by visiting your official banking site that supports online or internet banking. Pay HESCO bill online payment through Easy paisa/ jazz cash or through your banking app.


HESCO consumers can get their HESCO bill online simply through their 14-digit reference number. They only need an internet connection and a device to be able to start searching for their HESCO online bill. Go to the browser and type “HESCO bill check”. And land on the HESCO billing page. Then check the reference number in the previous invoice and contact HESCO. Afterward, enter the 14- digit HESCO number in the input field. Click on the “Submit” button and wait for a couple of seconds.

A screen will appear, and you’ll be able to see your latest HESCO bill online on the web. If you want to get a print of your bill or want to have a duplicate HESCO bill you can get it printed and can go for the HESCO online bill payment. There are various methods of paying HESCO bills online including online banking, jazz cash, and easy paisa. We hope our article about the HESCO bill online helped you, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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