HESCO Complaint Number -HESCO Online Complaint and Helpline Number

HESCO complaint cell or HESCO contact number is 022-9260161.  The HESCO helpline number is an easy way for HESCO electricity users online to register online HESCO complaints regarding their electricity service issues and check their status regarding the issues if the work has been started or not.

You can also register your electricity-related complaints about the phone with the same number.

You can file a complaint with HESCO by following these steps: Open your internet browser (e.g., Google). Type “HESCO complaint form” in the search bar and click on the option that appears (“Complain about telecommunication services”).

There is an online form you fill in with your 14-digit reference number received when you registered Alternatively, you can use the complaint form available on the HESCO website or send an email to them to notify them about your electricity-related issue. and check the status of the complaint registered.

HESCO Complain Number Contact Details. HESCO Headquarter WAPDA Complex, Hussainabad Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan. P : (+92)22-9260161

HESCO Complaint Center

Address: 89XM+XCF, Gulshan e Zeal Pak CHS, Hyderabad, Sindh

Hesco Complaint Number and Phone Directory

01- HESCO Federal Complaint Cell03372192748
02- HESCO Federal Complaint Cell03372192749
03- HESCO Federal Complaint Cell03372192750
118-HESCO Helpline 0103372192751
118-HESCO Helpline 0203372192752
118-HESCO Helpline 0303372192753
132 KV Nooriabad025-467021003372192326
132 & 66 KV T.M.Khan022-334266003372192338
132 KV Badin0297-86227503372192341
132 KV Bulri Shah Karim022-334318103372192340
132 KV Chambar022-300260103372192274
132 KV Dour0244-32581903372192261
132 KV Ganghra Mori022-303720203372192306
132 KV Golarchi022-303207503372192342
132 KV Gulshan-e-Shahbaz022-292111603372192316
132 KV Hala022-3332403, 022-304352903372192257
132 KV Jamshoro0304-192936503372192317
132 KV Jhampir025-4670295 / 27803372192319
132 KV Jherruk03372192318
132 KV Kalu Kohar025-400747303372192327
132 KV Kazi Ahmed0332-293766003372192263
132 KV Khanote03372192320
132 KV Kohsar022-301405703372192305
132 KV Kotri Site022-387060303372192315
132 KV Latifabad022-388516503372192304
132 KV Matiari022-276083203372192251
132 KV Mirpur Sakro0298-60139703372192334
132 KV Mirpurkhas0233-50607903372192271
132 KV Mirwah Gorchani0233-51598603372192275
132 KV N.T.P.S022-388659403372192325
132 KV Nawabshah Site0244-29520403372192252
132 KV Nawabshah-I0244-937002803372192259
132 KV Nawabshah-II0244-937002603372192255
132 KV Phulleli022-263543003372192314
132 KV Pir Patho0298-77418603372192333
132 KV Qasimabad022-924024903372192299
132 KV Saeedabad0333-022716103372192254
132 KV Sakrand0244-28934903372192250
132 KV Samaro022-3043013, 0238-42118403372192279
132 KV Sanghar0331-336961403372192262
132 KV Sehwan Sharif025-401736503372192322
132 KV Shah Latif03372192308
132 KV Shahdadpur0244-49295903372192253
132 KV Shahpurchakar0235-84354403372192258
132 KV Shalmani03372192321
132 KV Sujawal0298-60437503372192335
132 KV Sultanabad0233-50487503372192273
132 KV T.A.Yar022-276342803372192272
132 KV Talhar0297-83029303372192346
132 KV Tando Adam022-304347603372192249
132 KV Tando Jam022-276634603372192307
132 KV Thana Bula Khan025-470027903372192328
132 KV Thatta0298-92003803372192332
132 KV Umer Kot0238-423295, 0238-57007603372192276
66 KV Chachro0232-27314703372192286
66 KV Digri0233-86941003372192281
66 KV Diplo0232-22129603372192291
66 KV Head Jamrao03372192260
66 KV Islamkot0232-26304203372192293
66 KV Kadhan0297-86402503372192347
66 KV Kaloi03372192290
66 KV Kandiari0235-52108503372192278
66 KV Khipro0233-51687203372192284
66 KV Kunri022-293852903372192287
66 KV Ladiun0298-77839803372192336
66 KV Matli0297-84023003372192344
66 KV Mithi0232-26123003372192292
66 KV Nabisar0238-57503003372192288
66 KV Nagarparkar0232 – 263199/4203372192294
66 KV Naukot0233-51527803372192283
66 KV Pangrio0297-85709503372192289
66 KV Pithoro0233-50758203372192285
66 KV T.J.Muhammad0233-50629403372192282
66 KV Tando Bago03372192348
66 KV Tando G.Ali0297-85126103372192345
Contact No.103372192792
Contact No.20221-924000503372192793
Contact No.30221-924000603372192794
G.M (Tech.)03333700064
Chief Commercial Officer03333700017
Chief Engineer (Dev)03333700019
Chief Engineer (Planning & Engineering)03333700021
Chief Internal Audit03333700024
Chief Operating Officer03333700012
Addl. D.G (Finance)03408800202
Addl. D.G (L&L)03333700029
Admn. & HR Director03333700013
Chief Financial Officer HESCO03333700044
Circle Manager (M&T) Hyderabad03372192978
Circle Manager (M&T) Laar03372192979
Circle Manager (M&T) Nawabshah03041927657
M. Tech (GSO)03041927641
Manager (Admn)03333700020
Manager (Civil) HESCO03333700038
Manager (CM&O)03333700025
Manager (HRM)03333700015
Manager (M.M)03333700042
Manager (MIS)03333700040
Manager (Planning & Forecasting)03372192736
Manager (Procurement) PMU03372192715
Manager (PS&C) PMU03372192719
Manager (Surveillance)
Manager (TM&CM)03041927645
Manager Commercial03333700018
Manager Finance (CPC)03333700046
Manager O&M (Distt:)03372192725
P.D (GSC) HESCO03333700056
Project Director (Const.)03333700055
Regional Manager M&T Hyd03333700057
Regional Store Manager Hyd03372192781
S.E GSO Circle HESCO, Hyd.03333700054
S.E HYDERABAD – I003333700049
S.E LAAR003333700050
S.E MIRPUR KHAS003333700051
S.E NAWAB SHAH003333700052
D.C.M Hyderabad Circle03372192811
D.C.M Laar Circle03372192840
D.C.M Mirpurkhas Circle03372192872
D.C.M Nawabshah Circle03372192892
D.D (Tech:) Laar Circle03372192841
D.M (Commercial)03372192714
D.M (Consumer Affairs)
D.M (Env. & Social Safeguard)03041927565
D.M (PMC)03041929897
D.M (Services)03337024356
Deputy Manager (C.O), Hyderabad03372192765
Deputy Manager (C.O), Nawabshah03041927652
Deputy Manager (CM&O)03372192745
Deputy Manager (MC&C) PMU03372192720
Deputy Manager (P/SA), Hyderabad03372192763
Deputy Manager (PDC/118)03372192748
Deputy Manager (Planning)03372192731
Deputy Manager (Procurement -II) PMU03372192716
Deputy Manager (PS&C) PMU03372192721
Deputy Manager (Transport)03333700033
Deputy Manager (Warehousing & Inventory Management)03372192775
Deputy Manager Accounts (CA-I)03372192798
Deputy Manager Accounts (CA-II)03372192799
Deputy Manager M.I (T&G)03372192729
Deputy Manager Planning (T&G) Hyderabad03372192730
Deputy Manager Regional Store Hyderabad03041927597
Deputy Manager Regional Store Nawabshah03041927598
Dy. Manager (L&L)03041927551
Dy. Manager (TMP)03333700034
Dy.Director (Tech:) Circle-I Hyd03372192812
Dy.Director (Tech:) N.Shah03372192891
Dy:Manager (C.M)03333700036
Dy:Manager (C.S)03041927560
Dy:Manager (Insp) GSC
Dy:Manager (Safety)03372192795
Dy:Manager (Surveillance)
Dy:Manager (T&I) GSC03041927841
Dy:Manager NCPP Cell, Hyderabad
Dy:Manager NCPP Cell, Hyderabad
Executive Engineer (Civil)03372192756
Liaison Officer03333700026
PSO to CEO03333700030
R.E 132 KV Latifabad022-388516503372192925
R.E 132 KV Mirpurkhas0233-275267 0233-929011503372192934
R.E 132 KV Qasimabad022-924024903372192924
R.E NTPS, Hyderabad022-388659403041927665
R.E Samaro Grid Station0233-50649303372192938
Resident Engineer Tando Muhammad Khan0223-334266003372192928
Senior Audit Officer03372192741
XEN (P&I) Divn, Hyd03372192943
XEN BADIN86155203372192862
XEN Civil GSC Hyderabad03372192973
XEN Const. Divn-I Hyd03372192949
XEN Const. Divn-II Hyd03372192953
XEN Const. Divn. N.Shah03372192958
XEN DIGRI86977103372192879
XEN ELR Works Hyd03372192961
XEN G.C Hyderabad03372192970
XEN GARI KHATA920034503372192814
XEN KOTRI387031203372192848
XEN LATIF ABAD926016003372192825
XEN MIRPUR KHAS929010303372192873
XEN NAWAB SHAH937001203372192895
XEN PHULELI263227303372192842
XEN QASIMABAD920034803372192820
XEN SANGHAR4138303372192913
XEN SS&T Division M.PK.03372192933
XEN SS&T Division N’ Shah03372192939
XEN SS&T Divn: Hyd03372192923
XEN T.MUHAMMAD KHAN34171103372192856
XEN T/L Divn. GSC03372192966
XEN TANDO ADAM57432403372192905
XEN TANDO ALLAH YAR389178503372192834
XEN THATTA92012903372192867
XEN UMERKOT003372192885
A. Manager (P&E) USAID
A.D (Admn.) Audit Para Section03408800111
A.D C.S Center Qasimabad
A.D Central Cust. Service Latifabad
A.D Planning
A.M (Computer)
A.M (Emergency) P&I Hyd
A.M (M.M) HESCO, Hyderabad03372192776
A.M (P&E) NCPP Cell, Hyderabad
A.M (Proc-I) PMU03372192717
A.M (Proc-II) PMU03372192718
A.M (Safety)03372192796
A.M (Safety)03372192797
A.M Helpline 118
A.M P&I Hyd03372192944
Addl. Deputy Manager (Commercial)03372192714
Addl. Sr. Audit Officer
Assistant Engineer DLMC S/Div: GSO HESCO Hyderabad03041927672
Assistant Engineer (Maintenance) GSO Hyd03041927668
Assistant Engineer (Maintenance) GSO Nawabshah03372192940
Assistant Engineer (Maintenance) Mirpurkhas03041927681
Assistant Engineer (P&I) (Emergency) GSO HESCO Hyderabad03041927688
Assistant Engineer (P&I) GSO HESCO Hyderabad03372192946
Assistant Engineer (P&I) GSO HESCO Mirpurkhas03372192945
Assistant Engineer (P&I) GSO HESCO Nawabshah03372192947
Assistant Engineer (T&G) S/Div: GSO HESCO Thatta03372192927
Assistant Engineer (Tech) GSO Circle Hyd03041927663
Assistant Engineer (Tech) GSO Nawabshah03041927677
Assistant Engineer (Tech) Hala03041927679
Assistant Engineer (Tech) Mirpurkhas03372192936
Assistant Engineer (Tech) Nawabshah-I Grid Station
Assistant Engineer (Tech) Noukot03041927683
Assistant Engineer (Tech) Tando Muhammad Khan03041927671
Assistant Manager (Accounts)03333700047
Assistant Manager (ADMN) / Audit HYD.03372192708
Assistant Manager (CM&O)03372192746
Assistant Manager (CM&O)03372192747
Assistant Manager (Const.)03372192948
Assistant Manager (Enviroment & S.G)03041927574
Assistant Manager (Insp) GSC03372192965
Assistant Manager (MC&C) PMU03372192722
Assistant Manager (P&E)03372192732
Assistant Manager (P&E)03372192733
Assistant Manager (P&E)03372192734
Assistant Manager (P&E)
Assistant Manager (P/SA) Computer, Hyderabad03372192766
Assistant Manager (PDC)03372192788
Assistant Manager (PDC)03372192789
Assistant Manager (PDC)03372192790
Assistant Manager (PDC)03372192791
Assistant Manager (S&I) HESCO Hyderabad03372192774
Assistant Manager (S&I) HESCO Hyderabad03372192772
Assistant Manager (S&I) HESCO Hyderabad03372192773
Assistant Manager (Social Impact)03041927576
Assistant Manager (TM&CM)03372192744
Assistant Manager Field Store Hyderabad03372192782
Assistant Manager Field Store Mirpurkhas03372192783
Assistant Manager Field Store Nawabshah03372192784
Assistant Manager Field Store Sanghar03372192786
Assistant Manager Field Store T.Adam03372192785
Jr.Engineer (CTC) N.Shah0244-9370021
Jr.Engineer (CTC) T.Jam022-27663460300-3085173
R.O Badin03372192866
R.O Digri03372192884
R.O Kotri03372192854
R.O Latifabad03372192832
R.O Mirpur Khas03372192878
R.O Nawabshah03372192904
R.O Phulleli03372192847
R.O Sanghar03372192921
R.O T.M.Khan03372192861
R.O Tando Adam03372192912
R.O Tando Allah Yar03372192839
R.O Thatta03372192871
R.O Umerkot03372192890
SDO (Interconnector) GSO Hyd03372192932
SDO 1st T/L S/Division GSC Hyd03372192967
SDO 2nd T/L S/Division GSC Hyd03372192968
SDO 3rd T/L S/Division GSC Hyd03372192969
SDO A.M.R Cell USAID Hyderabad
SDO A.M.R Cell USAID Hyderabad
SDO ALLAMA IQBAL926008203372192828
SDO BADIN6197203372192863
SDO BHIT SHAH76222803372192911
SDO CHAMBER003372192837
SDO CITIZEN COLONY366701903372192823
SDO Civil S/Div: GSC Hyd03372192974
SDO Civil Works Sub-Div HESCO Nawabshah03372192759
SDO Civil Works Sub-Div-I HESCO Hyderabad03372192757
SDO Civil Works Sub-Div-II HESCO Hyderabad03372192758
SDO Const: S/Div: Badin03372192952
SDO Const: S/Div: Kotri03372192957
SDO Const: S/Div: Mirpurkhas03372192954
SDO Const: S/Div: Mithi03372192955
SDO Const: S/Div: Nawabshah03372192960
SDO Const: S/Div: Shahdadpur03372192959
SDO Const: S/Div: Thatta03372192956
SDO Const: S/Div:-I Hyd03372192950
SDO Const: S/Div:-II Hyd03372192951
SDO DAULATPUR03372192903
SDO DAUR2526703372192899
SDO DIGRI386982603372192880
SDO ELR Const: S/Div: Hyd-I03372192962
SDO ELR Const: S/Div: Hyd-I I03372192963
SDO ELR Const: S/Div: Nawabshah03372192964
SDO GARI KHATA921027603372192816
SDO GOLARCHI5342203372192865
SDO HALA3241703372192910
SDO HALI ROAD388519003372192826
SDO HIRABAD203221203372192821
SDO HIRABAD MPK929011003372192876
SDO HYD SADDAR920034303372192815
SDO ILYASABAD266202303372192845
SDO JAMSHORO387708103372192851
SDO JHOLE4138403372192915
SDO JHUDO87845703372192882
SDO KAZI AHMED32129103372192902
SDO KHIPRO7929503372192918
SDO KOTRI387008503372192849
SDO KUNRI55844003372192887
SDO LIAQAT COLONY263056403372192818
SDO MAKLI892013203372192870
SDO MATIARI76025803372192909
SDO MATLI84022603372192860
SDO MEMON HOSPITAL921003903372192846
SDO MIRAN MOHAMAD SHAH340022703372192831
SDO MIRPUR KHAS CITY50752703372192874
SDO MITHI26131403372192883
SDO NAUKOT86726603372192881
SDO NAWAB SHAH-I937003003372192896
SDO NAWAB SHAH-II937002303372192897
SDO NOORIABAD67000103372192852
SDO ODERO LAL57433203372192908
SDO PARETABAD266305003372192843
SDO PHULELI261791903372192844
SDO PITHORO003372192889
SDO QASIMABAD265698203372192822
SDO RIZVI HOSPITAL926016503372192827
SDO SAEEDABAD76727503372192901
SDO SAKRAND2224103372192900
SDO SAMARO55101503372192888
SDO SANGHAR41353303372192914
SDO SARFARAZ COLONY921017603372192817
SDO SATELLITE TOWN929010903372192875
SDO SEHWAN462021903372192853
SDO SH:UMAID ALI KHAN926007803372192830
SDO SHAHBAZ003372192850
SDO SHAHDAD PUR-I4216703372192916
SDO SHAHDAD PUR-II4213103372192917
SDO SHAHPUR CHAKAR6224103372192919
SDO SINDHRI52216803372192920
SDO SOCIETY937001403372192898
SDO SUJAWAL851005403372192869
SDO T.MUHAMMAD KHAN-I34135203372192857
SDO T.MUHAMMAD KHAN-II34177303372192859
SDO TALHAR73026103372192864
SDO TANDO ADAM-I57434003372192906
SDO TANDO ADAM-II57486303372192907
SDO TANDO ALLAH YAR-I389168703372192835
SDO TANDO ALLAH YAR-II389168803372192836
SDO TANDO JAM276547103372192838
SDO THATTA855003303372192868
SDO UMER KOT57125503372192886
SDO-1st G.C S/D GSC03372192971
SDO-2nd G.C S/D GSC03372192972
Sports Officer HESCO
Test Engineer (M&T) Hyd03372192980
DSP deployed in HESCO
Inspector deployed in HESCO03372192651
Inspector deployed in HESCO03372192652
Principal RTC Jamshoro03333700039
Recovery Mukhtiarkar03372192813
Sub Inspector deployed in HESCO
Sub Inspector deployed in HESCO
Sub Inspector deployed in HESCO
Sub Inspector deployed in HESCO
Sub Inspector deployed in HESCO
Sub Inspector deployed in HESCO
Sub Inspector deployed in HESCO
Telephone Exchange Bachelor Hostel
WHC Police deployed in HESCO03041929869

Hesco Complaint: Addressing Issues and Solutions Effectively

How do I register a HESCO complaint online?

To register a HESCO complaint online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official HESCO website at hesco.gov.pk.
  2. Hover over the “Media Center” tab and click “Register Your Complaints” under Customer Service.
  3. Fill out the complaint registration form with your 14-digit reference number, mobile number, name, nearest location, and complaint type.
  4. Provide details about your complaint and attach any relevant files or documents.
  5. Click “Register Complaint” to complete the process.

How do I find out when my electricity supply will be restored?

To inquire about electricity supply restoration, contact your nearest HESCO sub-division office. If the line is busy, you can call 111-000-118 or 118 for assistance.

What should I do if I haven’t received my HESCO bill?

If you haven’t received your HESCO bill, you can access it online using your reference number HERE you can get your duplicate Heco bill. If you consistently do not receive your bill, visit your sub-divisional office to address the issue.

Why is the complaint line often busy?

The complaint line may seem busy during electricity disruptions due to numerous customers attempting to contact HESCO. If you still cannot get through, call 111-000-118 or 118 for support.

Who should I contact for a wrong bill reading?

If your HESCO bill reading is incorrect, get in touch with the customer services team in your area or at HESCO headquarters.

What if there are arrears on my HESCO bill?

If your HESCO bill has arrears despite paying previous bills, submit the bank receipt from your paid bill to your division office for correction.

How do I address frequent electricity shutdowns in my area?

If your area experiences frequent electricity shutdowns, contact your divisional officer to determine the cause and possible remedies.

Why does HESCO take a long time to restore supplies after materials are stolen from lines?

Material theft from HESCO lines is a criminal offense requiring both departmental inquiry and a police report. Once the responsible party is identified and the complaint process is completed, stolen materials can be replaced at the cost of the responsible customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I file a complaint with HESCO?

You can register a complaint with HESCO by contacting your nearest sub-division HESCO office or calling their helpline at 111-000-118 or 118.

What’s the HESCO Latifabad contact number?

Unfortunately, the specific contact number for HESCO Latifabad is not available. However, you can make a complaint by calling the HESCO helpline at 111-000-118 or 118.

Is there an email address to submit HESCO complaints?

Yes, you can lodge a complaint via email by sending your concerns to [email protected].

How can I access my HESCO online bill?

You can find and download your HESCO bill online by visiting their official website. Just enter your reference number to access the latest bill.

What is the contact number for HESCO Qasimabad?

The specific contact number for HESCO Qasimabad is not available. However, you can register a complaint by calling the HESCO helpline at 111-000-118 or 118.

What’s the Mirpurkhas WAPDA complaint number?

To file a complaint at Mirpurkhas WAPDA, you can contact the general HESCO helpline at 111-000-118 or 118.