How to Get HESCO New Connection – HESCO Online Application [Updates]

We have thoroughly mentioned the rules and regulations as well as the documents required for HESCO new connection.


HESCO provides its application and power supply contract forms in Urdu and English languages. Both formats are available for free at all HESCO offices as well as online.

  • To be eligible for HESCO new connection, you’ll need to fill out the application and send them copies of your completed work.
  • If you have any questions, please contact any of the HESCO staff and they’ll be happy to offer their expertise.
  • If you want to establish connections with HESCO, you must fill out the application at their office. This way they will send an Acknowledgement of receipt.

HESCO Online Bill

Documents To Be Attached With The Application

Documents to be attached with the Application and Power Supply Contract as follows:

  • > To apply, a certificate showing ownership of the premises in which the connection is to take place must be submitted.
  • > The owner of the property signs an affidavit stating that he has no previous connection with the premises for which a connection is applied and that he will foot any outstanding dues in respect of any previous connections which may exist.
  • > The issue of the “No Objection Certificate” (if the applicant is a tenant) will be dealt with by the property owner.
  • > Attested copies of CNICs of the applicant and two witnesses
  • > The power of attorney (in case of a Company), in favor of the applicant to the effect that the applicant is authorized to sign the application and execute the agreement on behalf of the Company.
  • > According to the law, if the connection is made in the name of an incorporated company, you will need to produce documents proving incorporation.
  • Certificate of incorporation.
  • Resolution of Board of Directors authorizing a person to sign and execute the application and agreement form.
  • The charge creation certificate issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan is equivalent to the amount of security.
  • List of directors with complete addresses and copies of their computerized national identity cards.
  • Available site plan of industry/premises where the connection is required.
  • > In case of change of name/extension or reduction of load, a certificate from the Revenue Office, HESCO to the effect that no arrears are outstanding against the premises along with proof of ownership/NOC. A wiring test report would be required in case of extension/reduction of load.

Design, Cost Estimate, and HESCO Demand Notice

Upon receipt of your form and documents, HESCO will issue a registration PIN. This is to allow the applicant to refer to for further processing etc. the application will be evaluated/processed and approved as per the provisions of Consumer Eligibility Criteria, Grid Code, and Distribution Code (where applicable). A HESCO demand notice fee and security amount will be charged by the HESCO office after they process your application.

People need to be sure that when they’re sending notices, they always do it by registered post or courier. If the beneficiary doesn’t accept the notice personally (which they may), then you’ll need to obtain a receipt for it. To pay for this demand, show the notice to the branch of a designated bank. The bank must receive payment as per the notice and provide an acknowledgment receipt etc.

Application Print

As soon as you make the payment mentioned in the demand notices, we can sign your power supply contract with HESCO. HESCO will take into account the demand notices that have been paid and a wiring test report to set a final number of connections to each application that’s exempt under HESCO’s policies.

Approval Of Applicant’s Installation

Before any electrical wiring or energy-consuming meter is connected to HESCO’s distribution system, the same will have to be subjected to inspection and testing by HESCO. No HESCO New Connection shall be made to the system without prior inspection. Afterward, HESCO’s new connection tracking can be done to get updates about the new connection being established.

HESCO Net Metering

What is Net Metering?

Solar and Wind energy can produce a lot of excess electricity. This Electricity is usually fed back into the National Grid and given to retailers in return for money. This means you get paid for generating your sustainable power while reducing your electricity bills.

How Does Net Metering work?

The accuracy record shows how much power energy a person has provided to the Grid and where that power was used from. The bidirectional meter installed on your premises will help you know if you’ve been over-consuming electricity from the Grid. On average, your electricity bill is the net difference between the two, accounting for any time of use.

Benefits Of Net Metering

  • Your excess electricity now offsets the electricity you would otherwise have to buy, reducing your bill to as low as possible
  • The solar-powered system is both easy to install and inexpensive with no need to pay for expensive batteries.
  • Reducing the load-shedding and low-voltage problems.
  • Almost no maintenance requirement.
  • Environmentally friendly, no emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Helpful in reduction of Global warming.

Procedure For Applying HESCO Net Metering

Registration Of Application
  •  Any person who meets the requirements of a Distributed Generator as defined under the Regulations is required to apply (as specified in Schedule-II of Regulations duly filled along with necessary documents) in the office of HESCO’s focal person.   The focal person for the net metering program shall be the local Deputy Manager (Operation) of the concerned Division.
  • The application can be downloaded from NEPRA’s website
  • The filled-in application along with necessary documents shall be submitted by the intending Distributed Generator to the focal person of HESCO.
  • The focal person shall accord solar net metering approvals on a first come first served basis until the grid-connected Solar / Wind installed capacity reaches 30% of the closest upstream distribution transformer rated capacity based on the verification by the Assistant Manager (Operation) concerned.
  • The priority for such applications shall be maintained at the division level for which a separate register shall be maintained for solar rooftop installations.

Application Processing
  • Within five (5) working days of receiving an application HESCO shall acknowledge its receipt and inform the applicant whether the application is complete in all respects. This includes verification of arrears (if any), spot inspection by the inspection committee, and submission of the technical feasibility report.
  • Checks before issuing the Technical Feasibility of proposed interconnection:
  • > The transformer shall be loaded (including the proposed SRTPV system load) up to 80% of its capacity.
  • > Whether the proposed interconnection will require upgrading the capacity of the existing distribution network.
  • > Phase balancing to avoid unbalancing of load in the secondary circuit of distribution line.
  • In case of any missing information or documents, the applicant shall provide the same to the HESCO office within seven (7) working days of being informed by the office.

HESCO Online Bill Payment

Now, the system is secure, rapid, and based on superior technology. Now the consumers can do HESCO online bill Payment as well. Many customers are now getting their utility bills through online banking, e-payments systems, and mobile wallets like Jazz Cash and EasyPaisa. These methods are reliable and provide payment receipts after each transaction.

HESCO SMS Registration For HESCO New Connection

Hyderabad Electric Supply Corporation’s bill SMS service is free and provides its consumers with lots of benefits such as enabling its members to track their previous bills, explore various options for their personal savings goals, and more. This facility can be accessed by any customer online, phone calls, or even text messages. HESCO is happy to offer this easy way for you to search the previous bills available. Just visit the HESCO website and enter your details there.

You will then receive an email with your bills summary. HESCO bill SMS provides consumers with an easy way to check their electricity bills. You can register for your HESCO by sending an SMS to the appropriate number. Enter your reference number and mobile number in format 92XXXXXXXXX and a simple window will appear showing you the bill and HESCO bill status. In the future, you will get your HESCO SMS alert on your mobile phone. Check HESCO Bill Online Payment Method


How to Pay the HESCO Bill Online?

It is easy to use HESCO online payment system through different methods such as: Pay your bill by filling up the online form by visiting your official banking site that supports online or internet banking. Pay HESCO bill online payment through Easy paisa/ jazz cash or through your banking app.


HESCO consumers can get their HESCO bill online simply through their 14-digit reference number. They only need an internet connection and a device to be able to start searching for their HESCO online bill. Go to the browser and type “HESCO bill check”. And land on the HESCO billing page. Then check the reference number in the previous invoice and contact HESCO. Afterward, enter the 14- digit HESCO number in the input field. Click on the “Submit” button and wait for a couple of seconds.

A screen will appear, and you’ll be able to see your latest HESCO bill online on the web. If you want to get a print of your bill or want to have a duplicate HESCO bill you can get it printed and can go for the HESCO online bill payment. There are various methods of paying HESCO bills online including online banking, jazz cash, and easy paisa. We hope our article about the HESCO bill online helped you, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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